Creating blog with Vue.js

Earlier I tried to build blog with VuePress (link). And I did not like it. In this post I am trying to create static files for blog with Vue.js and prerender-spa-plugin.

Creating blog with VuePress

I want to migrate from Blogger to static files. In this post I am investigating VuePress static site generator.

GPS4TCX. How add GPS data to Garmin TCX file

Garmin Connect may draw map for your route. This tracks may be available for other people. But your device must have GPS.

I don't want use GPS, but I like to share my tracks. I wrote programm for that. It adds GPS data of path, that I draw on map, to TCX-file. Then it is possible to upload this file to Garmin Connect.

Programm URL -

Day-month-year-calendar. jQuery plugin

It is a jQuery plugin that creates three select boxes for one input field with date. One box is for days. One is for months. And one is for years.