Testing service with Vert.x 4 Web-Client

I tried to write tests with Vert.x 3 Web-Client. It is callback hell. You can read this post.

Now Vert.x 4 has been released. And it contains methods that return Future. Future can be converted to CompletableFuture. So I can block thread with method get(). It is what I need for my tests.

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Transfer date from form to database

There are Angular, PrimeNG, Spring Boot, JDBC, PostgreSQL

I need to save date and time from form to database and show it again.

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Demo-account for QwertoMoney

I created demo-account for QwertoMoney .
Now it is possible to take a look at service before registration.

Reduce the size of Vue.js application

When I build my app Vue.js CLI shows result:

File                                 Size               Gzipped

dist/js/chunk-vendors.ead599c9.js    1910.45 kb         603.09 kb
dist/js/index.4ca2cadd.js            201.02 kb          39.30 kb
dist/css/index.7cd5b102.css          39.22 kb           5.96 kb

And it says:

asset size limit: The following asset(s) exceed the recommended size limit (244 KiB).
This can impact web performance.
  js/chunk-vendors.ead599c9.js (1.87 MiB)

How can I make it better?

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UUID or Int for primary key

What better to use for primary key. UUID or integer.

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Implemented VKontakte authentication for QwertoMoney

I added VK button on QwertoMoney login page.

Now VK users can create account with one click.

QwertoMoney release

Here is the first public version of QwertoMoney .

QwertoMoney is a personal finance application. Provides a complete picture of the financial condition.

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Creating blog with Vue.js

Earlier I tried to build blog with VuePress (link). And I did not like it. In this post I am trying to create static files for blog with Vue.js and prerender-spa-plugin.

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Creating blog with VuePress

I want to migrate from Blogger to static files. In this post I am investigating VuePress static site generator.

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Testing service with Vertx web-client

I am trying to test my service with vertx and junit5. Vertx people suggest web-client and junit5 extension to test web-services.

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