QwertoMoney release

Here is the first public version of QwertoMoney .

QwertoMoney is a personal finance application. Provides a complete picture of the financial condition.

It allows to:

  • Check account balances
  • Write down spendings
  • Check spendings against bank statements
  • Organize losses and income by category
  • Follow the changes on the charts
  • Write down creditors and debtors so that you don't forget about them

This service has several differences from competitors:

  • Losses are grouped by receipts
  • User can specify a discount on the receipt
  • Checking the consistency of goods costs and the receipt total before saving
  • Recording the quantity of goods
  • Categories are for each item, not one for a receipt
  • Tree structure of categories
  • Accounts of debtors and creditors
  • Does not automatically receive data from banks. Instead, it serves to control information from bank statements.