QwertoMailer. Verison 0.9.2

Now it is possible to add person name to address. Example:

-emailTo "Mr.First <email1@host.com>;, Mr.Second <email2@host.com>"

For that purpose new colomn name PERSON are reserved in CSV file, together with EMAIL* and ATTACH* columns. PERSON column should be in only one instance. The last one will be used.

QwertoMailer. Version 0.9.1


  • paths to dependencies
  • initializing variable sentMessages to count sent messages
QwertoMailer. Version 0.9

QwertoMailer is a Java library and command-line tool for sending personalized emails over smtp.

Here are changes from the first release.

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QwertoMailer - the mass sender for personalized emails

Qwertomailer - Java library and CLI program that serves for sending e-mails. It works over JavaMail API and provide an easier way to create and send emails.

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