Jakarta Faces with Spring Boot

Spring Boot works with Tomcat embedded. Tomcat does not support Jakarta Faces. However, it is possible to add dependencies and use Faces. This article covers the additional configuration required to make Jakarta Faces functional with Spring Boot.

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Program to sign documents

The program on Java to sign documents. It can use Rutoken or PKCS#12 container. It can add a signature to PDF file and makes it visual.

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Testing service with Vert.x 4 Web-Client

I tried to write tests with Vert.x 3 Web-Client. It is callback hell. You can read this post.

Now Vert.x 4 has been released. And it contains methods that return Future. Future can be converted to CompletableFuture. So I can block thread with method get(). It is what I need for my tests.

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