MobiBook QwertoGenerator. Makes midlets to read books on phone

Once upon a time I found a program for reading books on the phone. It was quite simple and therefore started even on my device. Midlet serves to read only one book. It was generated in advance by the program that worked on a Windows computer. Author is UncleRus.

Midlet is based on MobiBook, author is Konstantin Knizhnik.

I decided to rewrite generator on JavaFX.

I figured out how the generation of the midlet works in a few days. But it was still necessary to create the interface.

The interface of the existing program looked like this.
MobiBook Profiles

Old generator has a few lacks.
The preview was far from reality. The font looked too big. I had to pick it up, trying different midlets on the phone.
The second drawback is the presence of the "Delete" button in the window for editing profiles. I often click on it. The profile was lost forever.
Similarly, I was confused by the "Close" button in the main window. There is already a well-known method for this operation.
The generation process was not visually displayed. You can find out that the midlet is not ready yet, only by GUI freeze.

I decided to copy the interface of the old program. And this is what I got.
MobiBook Profiles
MobiBook generation

As you can see, the preview has become more realistic. The screen and font sizes do not match the actual sizes on the phone just because of the difference in screen resolutions between the computer and the phone. The proportions of the font and screen are met, which gives a good idea of the finished midlet.
I did not make option to change the line spacing. This is an extra bunch of code for previewing. Although this functionality is possible out of the box in JavaFX 8, which will be released in September.

The program is available on Bitbucket