Quick URL Opener

Quick URL Opener is a Firefox Add-on and Chrome extension.\

Its purpose is to open new tabs for one or more URLs. If you often use a sites where a pages are different in the one URL parameter, then the add-on can help you.

Usually we open tab by a full URL. But at work colleagues often text or say only a ID of the interesting document. With Quick URL Opener you input the ID in text field and new tab is opened with your document. No more typing full URL or changing parameters in a opened tab.

It allows you to setup one or more templates for work: projects in Jira, employee profile, files in DMS.

For Firefox explore Add-ons
For Chrome see Web Store
Or download files from GitHub.

GPS4TCX. How add GPS data to Garmin TCX file

Garmin Connect may draw map for your route. This tracks may be available for other people. But your device must have GPS.

I don't want use GPS, but I like to share my tracks. I wrote programm for that. It adds GPS data of path, that I draw on map, to TCX-file. Then it is possible to upload this file to Garmin Connect.

Programm URL - https://qwertovsky.com/gps4tcx/

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Day-month-year-calendar. jQuery plugin

It is a jQuery plugin that creates three select boxes for one input field with date. One box is for days. One is for months. And one is for years.

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Расширения для OV SD 4.5 Notifier

Теперь программа поддерживает плагины.
Для создания плагина потребуется API.

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OV SD 4.5 Notifier 2.0

Новая версия программы

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MobiBook QwertoGenerator. Version 1.0

New version. It implements everything that I wanted initially.

  • you can select the encoding of the opened file
  • fb2 files
  • zip archives with a text file or with fb2
MobiBook QwertoGenerator. Makes midlets to read books on phone

Once upon a time I found a program for reading books on the phone. It was quite simple and therefore started even on my device. Midlet serves to read only one book. It was generated in advance by the program that worked on a Windows computer. Author is UncleRus.

Midlet is based on MobiBook, author is Konstantin Knizhnik.

I decided to rewrite generator on JavaFX.

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QwertoMailer. Verison 0.9.2

Now it is possible to add person name to address. Example:

-emailTo "Mr.First <email1@host.com>;, Mr.Second <email2@host.com>"

For that purpose new colomn name PERSON are reserved in CSV file, together with EMAIL* and ATTACH* columns. PERSON column should be in only one instance. The last one will be used.

OV SD 4.5 Notifier: Версия 1.5

Небольшие изменения в программе.

  • исправлены ошибки, возникающие при недоступности фотографий на сервере
  • в почтовое сообщение добавляется адрес для ответа (адрес заявителя/исполнителя)
  • наряду с ошибкой подключения к почтовому серверу, теперь отлавливается ошибка подключения к серверу ServiceDesk. В панели уведомлений меняется иконка. И заявки теперь не теряются, а копятся и ждут подключения к серверу.

Загрузите новую версию по адресу http://bitbucket.org/qwertovsky/ovsd45notifier/downloads

QwertoMailer. Version 0.9.1


  • paths to dependencies
  • initializing variable sentMessages to count sent messages